2018 Advanced Beekeeping Class


This class has been designed for the Beginning Beekeeper who has completed a Basic Beekeeping Class.

DATE:  Saturday, June 9th 2018.     9:00 AM TO 3:00 PM

LOCATION:  Southridge Apiary, 4865 CR 175, Clyde, Ohio  


This course is designed with the Beginning Beekeeper in mind. The course will be 6 hours long on the above listed date and location. The course will begin at 9:00 am with classroom work inside the barn, explaining what you should be doing in your hive, what to look for in your hive, summertime management and troubleshooting.  At noon we will break for lunch NOT provided by SRVBA

After lunch we will move the class into the bee yard and do hands-on hive inspections. All class participants are required to wear protective equipment (veil, jackets and gloves, long pants and shoes) Protective equipment WILL NOT be provided by Southridge Apiary or SRVBA. PLEASE DO NOT BRING HIVE TOOLS. (NO individuals will be allowed in the bee yard without protective gear). The parts of the hive will be explained, as well as, pointing out 1-3 day old eggs, larva, capped brood (both worker and drone), and Queen cells (both swarm and supercedure cells if they are present), mites and any other pest or diseases found in the hives.  The class will then return to the barn around 3:00 pm to finish up the day with questions and answers.


Troy Leibengood, Leibengood Family Apiary, Clyde                         Tom Rathbun, Southridge Apiary, Clyde    Richard Brutsche, Brutsche Bees, Norwalk                                       Angel Mitchell, Angel’s Apiary, Clyde        Linda Miller, One Old Broad With Hives, Clyde


The cost of the class in $20.00 for SRVBA members, $30.00 for non members and is per participant.  This class will be limited to 40 students.

If you are interested, please click on the link below, print and mail to Linda Miller by June 1st.                                       SRVBA Advanced Beginning Beekeepers Class Registration Form 2018 (1)